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Our WSDA Processing Unit Is Officially Up & Running!

In July of 2021 we began our journey to fund and build a WSDA poultry processing unit with the intention of serving our local network of low-volume farmers. With the help of our AWESOME community, as well as a successful Kickstarter campaign, a WSDA Local Food Infrastructure Grant, out of pocket investment, and the generous gifts of time, skill and energy from our friends - we were able to reach our goal of building this valuable resource!

This unit now serves as a pay-per-bird poultry and rabbit processing service for other farmers who wish to sell their products. In addition, we offer educational opportunities to our community of homesteaders and the production-curious, with the intention of empowering others with the skills needed to raise and process their own food. Our hope is to inspire a deeper appreciation for food raised well.  We aim to help our next generation of farmers to thrive, by giving them tools and resources needed to grow.

We simply could not have done this without your support, and want you all to feel like you can take pride and ownership for this project.

We were officially licensed to operate in September of 2023, and you can visit our sister site for more information on our services, equipment rentals and workshops.

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